My little birthday boy doesn't like "square cake" so cupcakes were perfect for his big day.  These toppers showed off his age and name...
 ...and personality.
Yep, he's a goof, and he's three.  Where has the time gone?


simple and quick button jewlry

If you have a few spare seconds and a few spare supplies, you can whip these little darlings out in no time!  I had so much fun doing these I am definitely going to make more.  Here are the simple and quick instructions so you can make some too!
{GATHER SUPPLIES} glue gun (or whatever adhesive you have around like super glue, or E4000 would work fine too), earring or ring blanks, cute buttons, and a button shank remover (I don't have a shank remover, so I just used the wire cutter from my jewelry making kit and it worked).
 {REMOVE THE SHANK} The button shank is the little ring on the back where you would normally sew it, but we don't need that part so clip it!
Now you just have the top of the button with a flat back...like this.
{WARM UP THAT GLUE GUN}  Now the fun begins.  Just put a dab of whatever glue you are using on to the earring or ring blank.  Next, stick the button to it.

{FINISHED}   I told you it was fast.  I tried to take a picture of me wearing that ring, but then I realized that my hands were made more for crafting and less for modeling.
So, what color will you make?


easter chicks!

Although I spent lots of time this weekend putting together this army of chicks I still think they are way cute!

I purchased the pattern from here.



When I was little I had lace dresses, lace skirts, lace bedding, and I even had one of those lace collars that you can just put on top of any old shirt to make it more lace-y.  I think I was a little laced-out, until now.  I love the little bit of extra pretty that lace adds.  I made this necklace as a tribute to may lace-loving days.  It looks much cuter on a body for sure, but I didn't do my hair today and my self portrait skills are lacking, so this is what you get!