hand ball

I know that Christmas is like, NOW, but I just wanted to toss out one more idea.  These pictures don't do the thing justice, but just use your imagination, kthanks.
It's just your ordinary Christmas ball with a cute little hand print.  I love hand prints of little kids, don't you?  My son is pretty much an expert at getting his hand all gooey in the paint, then having it slapped on something.  I just don't want to forget those adorable paws.


chocolate popcorn

Just something I've been making.......................................and eating.
This year I made white chocolate popcorn for my neighbors, and it was DELISH! I found that the real trick in the whole process was the ingredients, especially the popcorn. I bought it here (the directions can be found there also.) It was like popcorn on steroids and it didn't get crushed when stirred it because of it's super steroid strength!


candy cane reindeer

We had a grand time making these.  I found that Lifesavers makes candy canes and they are awesome.
{Supplies}  pipe cleaner, google eyes, red nose, candy cane, scissors, glue

{First}  clip two 2 inch sections from the the pipe cleaner.
{Second}  wrap one short piece on each end of the long pipe cleaner to make the antlers.
{Third} wrap the antlers around the candy cane.
{Fourth} add nose and eyes.



Isn't it cute?!  He's just a little truck made from Lorna Doone cookies.
Each truck takes 16 Lorna Doone's, 4 round cookies, frosting, and anything else you like.  Start with one cookie for the front, then four along each side.  Put four Lorna Doone's inside to line the "cab" and support the hood and top sections.  Put the wheels in place, and then decorate to your hearts desire.
This same idea can be converted into a train by just leaving off the front section and adding box cars to the back.   
Make sure your frosting is good and strong, here's one simple recipe:
3 egg whites, room temp.
1 lb. powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
-Combine all ingredients and mix for 7-10 minutes.
Toot.  toot.  c'ya.