Primrose & Pearl

This morning I noticed that my hyacinth flowers are pushing up through the ground.  Yeah, that means spring is here and I can't wait for warmer weather and of course spring fashions!  From now until the end of March Miss Matched will be at the Primrose and Pearl Boutique.  We have teamed up with Bodhi Handmade.  My super talented and stylish cousin is the talent behind Bodhi.  She makes one of a kind "yoga top" skirts that are comfy and adorable.  We have made matching and coordinating sets of ties and skirts to make your Easter shopping easier.  I am so excited about this line of spring clothing for kids.  Check out the flyer for more details on the show, then go get yourself some adorable ties and skirts:)  Also head on over to the Primrose and Pearl blog for more info on the show and a photo of our booth!

If you can't make it to the show in the next few weeks don't dismay, you can find coordinating sets in our etsy shops:) 
 Stuff for boys here, lovely things for girls here.