hand ball

I know that Christmas is like, NOW, but I just wanted to toss out one more idea.  These pictures don't do the thing justice, but just use your imagination, kthanks.
It's just your ordinary Christmas ball with a cute little hand print.  I love hand prints of little kids, don't you?  My son is pretty much an expert at getting his hand all gooey in the paint, then having it slapped on something.  I just don't want to forget those adorable paws.


chocolate popcorn

Just something I've been making.......................................and eating.
This year I made white chocolate popcorn for my neighbors, and it was DELISH! I found that the real trick in the whole process was the ingredients, especially the popcorn. I bought it here (the directions can be found there also.) It was like popcorn on steroids and it didn't get crushed when stirred it because of it's super steroid strength!


candy cane reindeer

We had a grand time making these.  I found that Lifesavers makes candy canes and they are awesome.
{Supplies}  pipe cleaner, google eyes, red nose, candy cane, scissors, glue

{First}  clip two 2 inch sections from the the pipe cleaner.
{Second}  wrap one short piece on each end of the long pipe cleaner to make the antlers.
{Third} wrap the antlers around the candy cane.
{Fourth} add nose and eyes.



Isn't it cute?!  He's just a little truck made from Lorna Doone cookies.
Each truck takes 16 Lorna Doone's, 4 round cookies, frosting, and anything else you like.  Start with one cookie for the front, then four along each side.  Put four Lorna Doone's inside to line the "cab" and support the hood and top sections.  Put the wheels in place, and then decorate to your hearts desire.
This same idea can be converted into a train by just leaving off the front section and adding box cars to the back.   
Make sure your frosting is good and strong, here's one simple recipe:
3 egg whites, room temp.
1 lb. powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
-Combine all ingredients and mix for 7-10 minutes.
Toot.  toot.  c'ya.


untied bow headband

I have always found it challenging to tie a perfect bow.  It's almost impossible to get an even loop and have the tails go in the back...until now!

I will give the measurements that I used but you can eyeball it yourself, or make it larger or smaller depending on how you like it.

1.  Cut a 2 inch piece, a 6 inch piece, and a 10 inch piece of ribbon
2.  Take the 10 inch piece and fold it to the middle, glue
 3.  Fold the other side over and overlap them about a 1/2 inch, glue
4.  Attach the 6 inch piece to the bottom.
5.  Pinch the middle a little and glue the 2 inch piece to the middle of the bow.

6.  Glue the bow onto headband, or clip and wrap the middle piece around and glue in the back.

Tada!  All done.


simple halloween decorations

At the beginning of October I got out my box of Halloween decorations, and thought they looked really blah, so I didn't really put any up.  Last week (when I finally got into the Halloween spirit) I made a few simple decorations to spice up my blah house.  Here they are in no particular order...
 This printable can be found here.  Her pictures are much cooler.

 Next up, the classic paper-mask-over-regular picture.  I've been doing this since college and it still makes me giggle to see people looking like burglars! heehee

Bats, bats, and more bats!  I put these several rooms in my house.  I made them in a jiff and they are super spoooooooky!  Instructions can be found here.

window watching

The clouds outside my window at work are amazing today! They keep changing from minute to minute. I can't help but glance out often to see what they are up to.


mr. blue bird

I just made this sweet, little tweet, and I thought I would share his cuteness.  I found the how-to here (but I like the googly eyes better...shhhhh).  
It's really easy, so easy in fact that I made a dozen of them.

They make me want to sing that song...Mr. Blue bird on my shoulder, it's the truth, it's actually, everything is satisfactual, zippity-doo-dah...


falling for fall

Falling leaves, candy corn, apple harvest,  
sweaters, cooling down, new boots, fresh breeze... 

things to love about fall.
You can find this perfectly fall print here.


quick fix

Here's the before...

...and the after.
My sister wanted to embellish this skirt with a flower.  I never get sick of flowers, what a good plan.  She handed it over to me for the sewing, because she knows how much I love a quick project.  I added the flower with a decorative stitch on the back layer and topped it off with the button.  It still needed a little something to pull it all together so I stitched around the hem and pockets with navy blue tread.  Done and done.  Take note little sister, I will be borrowing that!


pin the tail

I wanted to put a bulletin board in my son's room, a place where he can hang all of his little collections.   This is what I came up with.  It is just cork board covered with linen.  I painted the zebra on top of the boards using some stencil I cut out.  It turned out a little brighter than I thought it would, but the rest of the room is really bright too, so I guess it will fit in just fine.

This is his bed.  I decided to paint the room orange when I found this comforter.  It was so him and I love that it isn't covered with Disney characters (just my opinion).

I have tried to keep the color scheme kind of simple, but my son had other ideas.  One day I came home and he had hung up a flag.  He really loved it, and I thought it was just a phase, so I left it up.  He WILL NOT let me take it down and he comments everyday on how much he loves his flag.  I guess it is a permanent part of the decor now?  I can't fault him for being proud to be an American.



We just wanted to thank everyone who came out to support us last week.  It was an awesome market.  The location was beautiful, and all of the vendors were great too.  Bijou has our hearts!

{The sign that welcomed you to the cutest booth on the block.}

{A sampling of the goods.  Got to luv the yellow and white tent!}

I hope that all of your sunburns have turned into nice golden tans!


{headband winner}

The random drawing winner of the three buds headband is...

Carlee Hoopes said...
I love the black one. So cute!! Carleeb12{at}yahoo{dot}com

Congrats Carlee!  Email us at immissmatched@gmail.com and we will arrange shipment.  
One black headband headed your way.


another giveaway-whoop!

Bijou is giving away a pair of our cutest earrings on their website, head over and enter!  I'm tellin' ya I'd really like a pair of these babies for myself!  
There is also still a little time to enter the headband giveaway!




****Giveaway Closed***

We are giving away one of our "three buds" headbands.  
They will fit an adult or child.  Great for spicing up any old hairdo and match just about everything.

{giveaway rules}
Leave a comment with the color you like best.
For a second entry become a follower.  (Leave another comment that you followed.)

Giveaway ends Thursday, June 3rd
Check back to see if you have won.
good luck!

Don't forget to come and see us this weekend.  
We have oodles of new stuff we can't wait to share.



sneak peak

We've been busy crafting away. Here are a few things I've been working on:

Bijou Market is this saturday June 5 from 10-6. We are getting pretty excited. Don't forget to come see what we've created. The address is 202 East 1800 South in Orem.


tweet outfit

I made this sweet little outfit for my friends baby girl.  I used this tutorial to make the skirt and I think it turned out completely lover-ly!  I love to dress babies in bright, bold colors rather than the traditional pastel, heck, they have personalities too!

Don't forget to check out the Bijou website.  They are doing a ton of holy cute vendor giveaways!