simple halloween decorations

At the beginning of October I got out my box of Halloween decorations, and thought they looked really blah, so I didn't really put any up.  Last week (when I finally got into the Halloween spirit) I made a few simple decorations to spice up my blah house.  Here they are in no particular order...
 This printable can be found here.  Her pictures are much cooler.

 Next up, the classic paper-mask-over-regular picture.  I've been doing this since college and it still makes me giggle to see people looking like burglars! heehee

Bats, bats, and more bats!  I put these several rooms in my house.  I made them in a jiff and they are super spoooooooky!  Instructions can be found here.

window watching

The clouds outside my window at work are amazing today! They keep changing from minute to minute. I can't help but glance out often to see what they are up to.


mr. blue bird

I just made this sweet, little tweet, and I thought I would share his cuteness.  I found the how-to here (but I like the googly eyes better...shhhhh).  
It's really easy, so easy in fact that I made a dozen of them.

They make me want to sing that song...Mr. Blue bird on my shoulder, it's the truth, it's actually, everything is satisfactual, zippity-doo-dah...


falling for fall

Falling leaves, candy corn, apple harvest,  
sweaters, cooling down, new boots, fresh breeze... 

things to love about fall.
You can find this perfectly fall print here.


quick fix

Here's the before...

...and the after.
My sister wanted to embellish this skirt with a flower.  I never get sick of flowers, what a good plan.  She handed it over to me for the sewing, because she knows how much I love a quick project.  I added the flower with a decorative stitch on the back layer and topped it off with the button.  It still needed a little something to pull it all together so I stitched around the hem and pockets with navy blue tread.  Done and done.  Take note little sister, I will be borrowing that!