pin the tail

I wanted to put a bulletin board in my son's room, a place where he can hang all of his little collections.   This is what I came up with.  It is just cork board covered with linen.  I painted the zebra on top of the boards using some stencil I cut out.  It turned out a little brighter than I thought it would, but the rest of the room is really bright too, so I guess it will fit in just fine.

This is his bed.  I decided to paint the room orange when I found this comforter.  It was so him and I love that it isn't covered with Disney characters (just my opinion).

I have tried to keep the color scheme kind of simple, but my son had other ideas.  One day I came home and he had hung up a flag.  He really loved it, and I thought it was just a phase, so I left it up.  He WILL NOT let me take it down and he comments everyday on how much he loves his flag.  I guess it is a permanent part of the decor now?  I can't fault him for being proud to be an American.