Bijou Holiday Market

So you have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, then what? Well, Bijou Market of course! Mark your calendar for the Bijou Market November 26th. Miss Matched will be there with lots holiday ties and other goodies. Don't miss out.
If you are looking for something to do this weekend the Bijou will be in Provo, check it out if your in the area.



We had a great time at Tom and Lucy's art show! The fun didn't stop there because today we are hosting a giveaway over at Sew Sara. Head on over and enter for the chance to win one of these handsome ties.


Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe

I am pleased as punch to announce that we will have an amazing booth at Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe.  The Shoppe is May 19th, 20th, and 21st!  Don't miss it!  Head over to the Tom and Lucy blog for giveaways and more info.  Head to the Miss Matched shop for a glimpse of what you will see at the shop.


sweet. heart. topper.

Tiny things are always cute.  Cupcakes are delicious.  The invention of tiny cupcakes was genius!


heat strings

I busted out the crochet hooks for this beauty.  It's been a while since I crocheted something.  I tend to craft in phases.  I will go months and months on just sewing projects, then I will get into a paper groove and stay there a while, sometimes it's crochet.  I'm just THAT random.  I saw a version of this idea on Design Sponge.  I didn't use her heart pattern.  Instead I just made up my own thing, I made five rows of five SS, then made a scallop border stitch on two ends of the square.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but it is quick and involves almost no counting (I can get impatient with the counting sometimes, that's why I make tiny things instead of sweaters).
So whether you are planning to celebrate Valentines with lots and lots of love...
 or your more of a "singles awareness day" celebrator...



february 1st

Whenever Valentines Day rolls around I wish I were back in Elementary school.  Valentines day was my favorite day. What is better than making a big, happy box for people to stuff nice notes and candy into?  Pretty much nothing!  Instead of a big, happy box, I made this little, cute wreath.
Happy February!


30% off

We are doing a special in the shop, 3 days only. Use coupon code 30off and get 30% off anything you order.



I've made a few new things for the shop. Check it out.



How blissful would my childhood have been if I could have printed things from the internet, then colored them?  Pretty blissful.  Well, I guess I will just live this dream as an adult.  Check out these thank you/anything cards from Giver's Log.  Brilliant!


best crispy treats ever

Today I concocted a delicious caramel chocolate rice crispy treat.  I figured that adding delicious, atop an already delicious treat couldn't hurt. 
I used these for the caramel part.  How cute are they?  So cute, and pretty delish on their own I might add. 
I have been saving them to make something delicious, holy moly, these treats were delicious!
One word: YUM!


my paper wreath

I love paper.  This is not an exaggeration.  Among many things about paper, I love its endless possibilities, it can be a place to doodle, or a lovely decoration.  Hence, my paper wreath.  There are many paper wreaths and such on the world wide web.  My paper wreath is a little different, but it turned out to be a perfectly subtle statement.

Here are the details...
 {supplies} foam wreath, circle punch, pins, distress ink, oldish book, glue, ribbon, spray paint (optional)
 {cut out a BILLION circles} {stack them and distress the edges}    
 {glue circles all around the wreath (I used glue instead of pins for this part because I had more control around the edges)} {fold a circle twice, push the pin through, fold a circle in half and stack it on the same pin (repeat for extra puffiness), push the pin into the wreath, do it again, and again , and again, AND AGAIN.}
 There are about 100 pins in my 12 inch wreath.  Paper, paper, paper...
I am also thinking this would look cool done with maps or other colored papers.