sweet. heart. topper.

Tiny things are always cute.  Cupcakes are delicious.  The invention of tiny cupcakes was genius!


heat strings

I busted out the crochet hooks for this beauty.  It's been a while since I crocheted something.  I tend to craft in phases.  I will go months and months on just sewing projects, then I will get into a paper groove and stay there a while, sometimes it's crochet.  I'm just THAT random.  I saw a version of this idea on Design Sponge.  I didn't use her heart pattern.  Instead I just made up my own thing, I made five rows of five SS, then made a scallop border stitch on two ends of the square.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but it is quick and involves almost no counting (I can get impatient with the counting sometimes, that's why I make tiny things instead of sweaters).
So whether you are planning to celebrate Valentines with lots and lots of love...
 or your more of a "singles awareness day" celebrator...



february 1st

Whenever Valentines Day rolls around I wish I were back in Elementary school.  Valentines day was my favorite day. What is better than making a big, happy box for people to stuff nice notes and candy into?  Pretty much nothing!  Instead of a big, happy box, I made this little, cute wreath.
Happy February!