untied bow headband

I have always found it challenging to tie a perfect bow.  It's almost impossible to get an even loop and have the tails go in the back...until now!

I will give the measurements that I used but you can eyeball it yourself, or make it larger or smaller depending on how you like it.

1.  Cut a 2 inch piece, a 6 inch piece, and a 10 inch piece of ribbon
2.  Take the 10 inch piece and fold it to the middle, glue
 3.  Fold the other side over and overlap them about a 1/2 inch, glue
4.  Attach the 6 inch piece to the bottom.
5.  Pinch the middle a little and glue the 2 inch piece to the middle of the bow.

6.  Glue the bow onto headband, or clip and wrap the middle piece around and glue in the back.

Tada!  All done.


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